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Available Accessories


  • Re-chargeable NiMH C - cell batteries (set of 4)
  • Battery Charger (4 slot)
  • 12 VDC Vehicle Power Supply
  • Motorcycle Storage Holsters
  • Shoulder Stock
  • End Cap Tripod Mount


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Designed to be the new leader in law enforcement speed measurement, the DragonEye Speed Lidar® provides superior target acquisition and range performance in a compact, lightweight package. With 4-point rubber cushioning and robust, waterproof mechanical design, the DragonEye Speed Lidar® stays on target when other units are headed for the shop. Incorporating advanced features such as obstruction mode, anti-jamming, on-board data logging and cloud storage options, the DragonEye Speed Lidar® gives you the latest in speed enforcement technology.


  • Superior vehicle acquisition and tracking algorithms for fast, long range operation.
  • Rugged, shock resistant construction retains alignment when other Lidars fail.
  • Lightweight and extremely well balanced with comfortable grip.
  • Operates on two standard or rechargeable "C" cell batteries.
  • Advanced anti-jamming allows speed readings when other units are disabled.
  • Quick, one-button weather mode activation to cut through rain, snow, fog and dust.
  • Obstruction mode allows targeting though tree limbs, wires and fences.
  • Convenient wireless connectivity to download data records.
  • True color Head Up Display won't tint target vehicle's appearance allowing easy ID after locking speeds.


*NEW* Operator selectable "Dot" or "Oval" aiming reticles.


*NEW* On-board memory allows months of time-stamped       speed data storage with with quick recall to the Lidar display or wireless download for easy for data management and analysis.


*NEW* Certification reminder can be used to alert operators of days remaining before re-certification.