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The flagship DragonEye Speed LIDAR provides an unmatched combination of accuracy, rapid acquisition, long range and durability.  Pack with features including user selectable Dot or Oval reticle choice, on-board date & time stamped speed record storage, certification reminder, weather/obstruction modes, Bluetooth data interface and industry leading anti-jamming technology, the DragonEye Speed Lidar will be your goto tool for speed enforcement.  The unique internal shock resistant "floating" optical bench design combined with four-point external rubber impact cushions provide excellent durability reducing down time and repair costs.  Compare its ergonomic design, field performance and price with ANY police Lidar on the market.

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The DragonEye Compact LIDAR supplies the core functions of our full size model in a compact and very affordable 16 oz. package.  The Compact LIDAR utilizes our unique vertical grip design with integrated rubber brow pad for rock steady aiming through its unity power Head Up Display.  Operating from standard or re-chargeable AA batteries, the unit gives excellent range and acquisition times in a slim profile easily stored in saddle bags.   With an integral side display, shock-resistant floating optical bench design, user selectable reticles, and advanced anti-jamming, the Compact Lidar is no lightweight when it comes to performance and features!

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The DragonCam system is the ultimate officer operated automated photo speed enforcement tool.  Rapidly deploy photo enforcement in standard vehicles, hand-held at roadside or from the safety of an overpass.  Integrated with a rugged tablet computer, the DragonCam produces complete and encrypted image/video records of speed violations including GPS location, time, date, daily certification, laser strike position and more. Easy to use DragonEye software allows ANY laser trained officer to be up and running in one day.  Compatible with all major back-office automated speed enforcement providers.

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DragonEye LidarCam

The DragonEye LidarCam combines the accuracy and durability of the DragonEye Speed LIDAR with an economical digital imaging system to produce an easy to use speed enforcement tool providing simple, but effective photo evidence of speed violations.  Wireless interface allows for easy on-site printing of violation images to a lithium battery powered mobile printer.

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Custom versions of the LidarCam systems can be developed for specific requirements such as the DragonCam SCL which is currently deployed in southeast Asia.  Customizations can include higher zoom configurations, specialized printer applications and wireless flash integration.

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