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DragonEye Defender

Fixed Installation Automated Speed Enforcement

Automated Speed Enforcement is proven to reduce accidents and save lives.  However, the integrity and success of any automated traffic enforcement program rests on the foundation of the core technology deployed at the roadside.  Law enforcement agencies and citizens must have absolute confidence that vehicle speed measurements are accurate and the actual violating vehicle is correctly identified.  The DragonEye Defender is designed to give you that confidence.  Read further to find out why.

Defender Automated Enforcement System
Florida Tag.jpg

Laser Precision Measurement

DragonEye's Defender system uses a proprietary, advanced version of our field proven LIDAR speed measurement technology.   The Defender delivers 600+ precise laser measurements PER SECOND, PER VEHICLE, to provide enforcement grade speed measurement accuracy.   The Defender system positively indicates the measurement vehicle with dedicated laser precision. One laser for each lane; just as with your proven handheld LIDAR technology.  With the Defender, there are no multi-reflection radar signals or broken LED beam data to parse through in order to determine which vehicle may have been measured.

With a dedicated high-resolution camera for each and every lane of traffic, the Defender can accurately capture speeding vehicles at a rate of 3 per second in each lane, simultaneously.


Key Specification Summary

  • Speed Accuracy: 

    •  +/- 1 MPH 

    • (note: internal controls set to 0.25 MPH,  one sigma)​

  • Lanes of Enforcement:

    • Configurations for 2, 3 and 4 Lanes

  • Technology Type:           

    • Law enforcement grade LIDAR 

    • True IR Laser (not LED).

    • Class 1 Laser Safe

    • Dedicated Laser for each lane​ of travel

    • 600 Measurements per second on each Vehicle
  • ​Camera​                                 

    • 3.1 megapixel per lane​

    • Dual color / Infrared Operation

    • Multi-exposure bracketed images for each violation

    • Video clip for each violation

  • Violation Capture Rate:  ​

    • >3 per second; all lanes; simultaneously​

  • Night Illumination:​

    • IR (no white light flash)​

High Dynamic Range Imaging

Sun glare and deep shadows are no problem for the DragonEye Defender.  High-speed, exposure-bracketed imaging on each violation allows extraction of otherwise impossible to read details, even on temporary tags placed inside of a rear window as this example shows.

Temp tag full vehicle with arrow and pla

All Weather Operation

The DragonEye Defender is designed to function in the toughest weather conditions.  DragonEye engineers pioneered handheld police LIDAR "Weather Modes" 20 years ago ensuring the Defender's robust capabilities.


Infrared Night Operation

With custom optics for high sensitivity and IR illumination for night operation, the Defender produces easily legible images in low-light conditions with no distracting white light flash

night image.png
Judge and Gavel

Backed by Proven Expert Witness Testimony

Ultimately every Automated Enforcement system will be challenged in court.  Was the speed measured correctly?  Can you prove you measured the speed of my car and not the one just in front of me?

DragonEye Technology engineers have expert witness, court testimony experience in Frye and Daubert hearings over the past 20 years, successfully defending LIDAR speed measurement and automated enforcement systems.  Make sure your Automated Speed Enforcement provider is ready and prepared to stand behind their systems!


DragonEye is seeking commercial and government partners interested in deploying our Defender Systems to improve road safety in your area.  Please contact us to discuss potential applications.

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