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Photo Lidar Speed Enforcement

The DragonCam system is a fully featured, laser based digital imaging enforcement system capable of capturing high resolution images and videos of vehicles violating preset speed limits. The unit consists of DragonEye’s IACP certified LIDAR integrated with a high performance camera system and rugged tablet computer. With custom designed high magnification optics, the DragonCam LIDAR can capture identifiable license plates at distances up to 137 m (450 ft) on typical U.S./Canadian style license plates and up to 300 meters on European style plates, sufficient for expressway enforcement from the safety of overpasses and on-ramps.  The DragonCam LIDAR is designed to be operated day or night, capturing multiple, exposure bracketed images per violation, in order to provide clear vehicle and license plate identification. The compact system allows for hand-held, tripod, or in in-vehicle use. Violation images and data are encrypted into a single secure file at the moment of capture.


  • Compact, rapidly deployable photo laser enforcement for use in vehicle, at roadside or on overpass.  Integral ruggedized tablet for reliable operation.

  • Capture clear, long range images with full GPS tagged meta data in encrypted files.

  • Data bar "burned" into images at moment of capture to eliminate claims of post processing data/image "mismatch".

  • Oncoming or receding vehicles.

  • Rapid fire multi-exposure bracketed images to ensure license plate identification.

  • Long range video tracking options.

  • Custom DragonEye optics offers infrared low light level performance even without IR illumination.

  • Portable IR illuminator for extremely dark environments.

  • Unit calibration records stored with each violation record.

  • Compatible with all major back office photo enforcement suppliers.

  • Officer operated and witnessed to alleviate citizen's concerns.

  • Equipped with DragonEye's proprietary anti-jamming algorithms.

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